The Mountain Between Us
After bad weather halts their commercial flight, surgeon Ben Payne and writer Ashley Knox hop a charter plane. But it crashes, leaving the strangers injured and alone atop a snow-covered mountain -- forcing them to embark on a long journey for help... more
The LEGO Ninjago Movie
With a wisecracking kung-fu master and superior Lego building skills, young ninja Lloyd and his Lego-loving pals seem well-equipped to defend Ninjago City against malevolent warlord Garmadon. Unfortunately, Garmadon is Lloyd's dad... more
The Savanna Times Theater - A comfortable twin theater with current release movies each week for both adults and children.

Get away from the pressures of work to relax and enjoy the latest comedy and adventures from Hollywood at the Savanna Times Theater. You deserve a break today to let your mind rest with the best in entertainment you can find.

The grand opening was in the early 1940's which as you can see brought Savanna residents of all ages to see the new movie house in Savanna that was named the Times Theater.

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